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PURE HAPPINESS by Carolee Vitaletti


Nationally known animal expert Jack Hanna admires Carolee Vitaletti’s artwork at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Artists interpret the world for us, touching us through paintings that inspire, delight, and bring a smile—like the paintings of Carolee Vitaletti.

Do you like exotic wildlife? Adorable dogs and cats? How about flowers bursting with life, scenes of a tropical paradise, or a glimpse into our colonial past? It’s all here for you through the impressions of a skilled artist.

Let the colors and excitement of Carolee’s world fill yours with warmth, happiness and wonder!

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg




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Carolee-Website4“Carolee Vitaletti is much more than a gifted artist. She is also a genuine innovator. Her creative use of color, combined with a unique ability to capture the spirit of her subjects, places her in an elevated category among all the artists within my circle. She is an incomparable talent and a treasured friend.”

BILLY DODSONProfessional Wildlife & Landscape Photographer