Does Carolee have any available originals?

Yes! View all available originals here. Don't forget to check back as the collection grows.


Can I commission Carolee for a painting?

Yes! The turn around time is around 3-4 months. All subject mater is welcome! Contact Carolee for a quote.

Does Carolee sell prints of her work?

Nearly every single painting Carolee has ever created is available as a print on paper or stretched canvas. 

What inspired Carolee to become an artist?

At a young age Carolee knew she wanted to become an artist. Art class was her favorite class in school, that was where her creativity got her many accolades. She won her first art contest in 8th grade and ever since then she has been painting with a passion! Her degree is in Graphic Design which she worked at for 14 years. She is a self taught artist. Carolee has learned that many hours of practice is needed to be prolific and to become an expert at your profession.

How long has Carolee been painting?

Carolee has been painting since eighth grade, but in 2013 when she changed her style from a realistic style to a more impressionistic style she became a published artist. World Art Group represents Carolee and her paintings are used as licensed artwork and marketed worldwide as fine art prints and posters.

Where does Carolee get inspiration for her pieces?

Nature and animals are her greatest inspiration. The bright colors she uses brings a feeling of peacefulness and happiness.

Does Carolee license her art on products?

Yes. Please contact Carolee if interested in licensing her art on your product. 

What artists influence Carolee's work?

Carolee's work is influenced by artists such as Romero Britto, Van Gogh, Norman Rockwell, Monet and Renoir.

What advice does Carolee have for young, aspiring artists?

Carolee tells young artist to love what they do so much that they can't imagine a life without it. That hours and hours of practice is what is needed to become an expert at your talent. When your passion becomes your purpose you know then that this is what you were meant to do. 

What is Carolee's creative process? 

Carolee paints in a large corner window in her studio, with a lot of natural light on the second floor of her home overlooking the woods. Her dog Teddi will sleep sometimes next to her as she paints. Carolee works from photos, she lightly sketches out the design then paints from a palette of about sixteen colors. She just starts painting never planning out the colors the colors and textures just flow. She calls this BEING IN THE FLOW when you are in a state of total focus, painting just comes natural after so many years of painting. When she paints early in the morning she cracks a window and listens to the birds chirping then will either listen to inspirational podcasts, Christmas music or other music that she loves. She will paint 8 hrs. most days, she gets obsessed and excited to finish a painting once she starts it always completing one painting before starting another. 

Do you paint people? Yes she has, this year she will start painting commissioned portraits but only in her colorful style.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to almost anywhere in the world. Please be aware that some countries require a customs fee to be paid on incoming shipments, by the customer. These are not included in shipping prices.

What is your turnaround time for art?

Typically the turnaround time for prints is 2-3 weeks but in the case of custom commissioned paintings the average turnaround time is 3-4 months.

What are the source photo requirements?

Photos should be as high resolution as possible. It is always recommended that the photo be taken in good lighting so that all of the detail can be captured!

Do you do commercial artwork?

Depends on the job and what the time line is. Please email with specific details.

Do you donate your paintings to charitable causes?

Carolee has donated canvas giclees to charitable causes. From time to time and as my schedule permits, please with email specific details.